Long Beach Home Child Care long-beach-child-care (dot-com) For Cerritos, Lakewood, and Long Beach, California Child’s face hidden for security                     Gladys Whitcomb Child Care in Long Beach Teaching Toddlers Driving Directions Delightful Play and Interaction For over twenty years, the Whitcomb home has been known as a delightful place for children to play and to learn. Two rooms are devoted exclusively to the child care in this family home daycare. In a much higher league than simple babysitting, the Whitcomb Family Daycare gives each child the opportunity to become sociable with other children. Careful attention is given to each child's personality; Gladys and those who help her (qualified assistants) arrange seating in the "Bye-Bye Buggy" carefully, to make it safe for all. Meals for Children Meals (breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack--with an occasional dinner when a child stays into evening) are served according to those respected nutritional standards that insure the best health for each child. Costco eggs, when they are used, are the best that available, not the cheapest, the best Norco eggs, known for their high Omega-3 content. Closeups in online photos of kids are partly covered up Child Safety Gladys and Jonathan Whitcomb believe in keeping children safe. Many of the children’s photos shown online are of those kids who have enjoyed this child care fulltime, in the past, and have "graduated" into public school. In addition, their faces are shown only partially, with all names kept secret, online. Their parents can feel comfortable, knowing their children are kept from any unwanted internet attention. We hope other child care facilities will follow us. Safe Child Care The two child care rooms at the Whitcomb Family Daycare have been specially arranged to keep each chilod safe from accidents. The plastic slide in one room is angled so that a fall off of it will not result in a child colliding with any other furniture. Also, another piece of furniture is placed so that children will be protected from a wall-corner, preventing the kids from bumping against that corner. A house alarm system is also installed for safety. Cerritos, Child Care, and Music for Children Safe Child Care in Long Beach Home Child Care by Whitcomb Family Whitcomb Family Daycare, 4503 Walnut Ave, Long Beach, California, State license 191604310  ---  Please call Gladys today: 562-427-6027 “You’ll be glad you called Gladys” Gladys Whitcomb will be happy to answer your questions about child care, including costs for full-time and part-time care: 562-427-6027 Children get clean hands in their own kid’s bathroom       $  Full-time Child Care Cost  $ For those families needing fulltime childcare, the normal rate is $150-160 per week, depending on whether or not diaper changing is needed. This is less expensive than the daily rate of $35 per day, for those parents who need less than five days of child care per week or who expect their children to miss many days per month. Another of the advantages of fulltime care is guaranteed placement regardless of how busy the schedule may be on any particular day. 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach, California 90807 State family home child care license: 191604310 Crafts and projects are included at no extra charge --- the children love them They love buggy rides around the block and to the nearby park Children enjoy outdoor activities such as sand box play time. Regular outings to Cherry Park make life so much more pleasant for kids in Whitcomb Family Daycare. We also have the “Village,” a playground right in the backyard. Just west of Cherry Park, Long Beach, this family home childcare is convenient to Lakewood and Cerritos. Copyright 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Whitcomb Family Daycare Pre-School for Cerritos and Long Beach